The full West Coast Experience

Since 2019, Island Life Expeditions has created incredible tours providing the full West Coast experience.

Unforgettable moments on Vancouver Island.

Join us for an exhilarating adventure on Vancouver Island, where sea and sky collide in a symphony of awe-inspiring landscapes. Fish in pristine waters, relax on epic beaches, or explore the mountains via helicopter. From paddle adventures to wildlife encounters, every moment with us is etched with big smiles and the promise of lifelong memories.

James & Kim

Welcome to Vancouver Island, home to our family of five.

As tour operators, our family is passionate about sharing the beauty and adventure of the island with others. We have firsthand knowledge of the best local spots and hidden gems, and are the perfect guides for exploring the stunning landscapes and diverse wildlife of this Pacific Northwest destination.

Guided tours that truly capture the spirit of the West Coast!

Join us for an epic Vancouver Island expedition!

Island Life Expeditions

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