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Island Life Expeditions



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No more dirt and grime after a day on the water. No more specs of sand stuck to the bottom of your SUP. No more risk of sun damage on your pride and joy. This specially formulated for iROCKER spray not only cleans your inflatable and hard paddleboards and kayaks but also protects against

damaging UV rays extending the life of your favorite iROCKER product . It's essential to ensure your gear goes the extra mile and creates more memories on the water. Unique formula: This formula is gentle and effective and prepared exclusively for iROCKER. The liquid works deep into the surface of your gear and quickly removes salt deposits, dirt, scuffs and sand. Special polymers bond to the treated surface to create a barrier against dirt and damaging UV rays. Simply spray & wipe: Spray the formula onto your paddleboard or kayak and easily wipe away the dirt and grime. Incredible results: This spray leaves your gear looking crisp, shiny, and brand new.
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